Beginning Object-Oriented Programming with C#

Beginning Object-Oriented Programming with C#

Beginning object oriented programming with c# (C sharp).

Beginning Object-Oriented Programming with C#


Publication Date: November 6, 2012
ISBN-10: 1118336925
ISBN-13: 978-1118336922
Edition: 1

Beginning Object-Oriented Programming with C#

Begining Object-Oriented Programming with C sharp is an great ebook with a lot of examples and it is illustrated. The author made a great structure of the book.

It starts with introduction C# and understanding objects. In part 2 of the OOP ebook, the author is explaining data types, statements, reference data, loops and arrays.

Part 3 of the begining object oriented programming with c$ starts with writing your own classes and how you can design classes and how you handle exceptions.

Part 4 is about storing data, how to use disk data files, databases and linq.

In the final part 5 the author talks about advanced topics like inheritance and polymorphism, printing and threading , web programming and he gives answers to excercises.


Beginning Object-Oriented Programming with C# – This book covers

This text begins with a nonprogramming-language introduction to object-oriented programming. The goal of that chapter is to present the concept of objects fi rst and then ease into how objects may be viewed in C#. Virtually all of the concepts presented in this book are portable to other languages. The program design skills, coding style and techniques, and debugging methods are applicable to almost any programming language. C# and Visual Studio are simply the vehicle for teaching these skills.

Throughout the book common, easily  understood examples introduce new programming concepts. Most of the C# programming language is covered; although, there are a few less-common topics not covered. These omissions aren’t important to the task at hand, which is to teach you OOP using C#. When you have completed this book, you should feel comfortable designing, writing, testing, and
debugging complex OOP programs of your own design.

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