The Definitive Book of Body Language review

Body Language.. Let’s get started…

The Definitive Book of Body Language helps you to understand other persons. The body language can tell you a lot of information, even without talking to the person. It helps you in business and relationships with people. Get more helpful information in the post below.

What signal alerts you that a politician is lying ?
His lips are moving.

The Definitive Book of Body Language review

Publisher: Bantam; 1 edition (July 25, 2006); Language: English; ISBN-10: 0553804723;  ISBN-13: 978-0553804720

In the Beginning…

Silent-movie actors like Charlie Chaplin were the pioneers of body-language skills, as this was the only means of communication available on the screen. Each actors’s skill was classed as good or bad by the extent to which he could use gestures and body signals to communicate to the audience. When talking film became popular and less emphasis was placed on the nonverbal aspects of acting, many silent-movie actors, faded into obscurity and only those with good verbal and nonverbal skills survived.

The Definitive Book of Body Language introduction

The original book was intended as working manual for sales-people, managers, negotiators and executives, but this one can be used for any aspect of your life, be it at home, on a date, or at work. The definite book of body language is the result of over thirty years of Allan’s and Barbara’s cumulative knowledge and involvement in this field and they give the basic vocabulary you need to read attitudes and emotions. This book will give you answers to some of the most puzzling questions you’ve ever hat about people use some of the behaviors they do, and it will change forever your own behavior. It will seem as if you’ve never actually seen what they look like. This book will be like turning on the lights to see what was always here. But now, you’ll know exactly what things are, where they are, and what to do about them.

The Definitive Book of Body Language

When a person’s words and body language are in conflict, women ignore what is said.

How to fake body language ?

There is always a question asked, “Can you fake body language?”

The general answer to this question is no, because of the lack of congruence that is likely to occur between the main gestures, the body’s microsignals, and the spoken words. For example, open palms are associated with honesty, but when the faker holds his palms out and smiles at you as he tells a lie, his micro-gestures give him away. His pupils may contract, one eyebrow may lift, or the corner of his mouth may twitch, and these signals contradict the Open-Palm gesture and the sincere smile. The result is that the recievers, especially women, tend not to believe what they hear.

Body language is easier to fake with men than with women because, overall, men aren’t good readers of body language.

The Definitive Book of Body Language – Understanding The Basics

Everyone knows someone who can walk into a room full of people and within minutes give an accurate description about the relationships between those people and what they are feeling. The ability to read a person’s attitudes and thoughts by their behavior was the original communication system used by humans before spoken language evolved.

Before radio was invented, most communications was done in writing through books, letters, and newspapers, which meant that ugly politicians and poor speakers could be successful it they persisted long enough and wrote good print copy.


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