Q : What does kindle edition mean ?

A : The Kindle is an electronic, paperless reading device made by Amazon. Kindle books are versions of the books that are available on the Kindle, so in order to read a kindle edition you must have a kindle.


How and Why readers buy books

Nearly 80 percent buy their books from Amazon, Barnes & Noble scoring a distant second at 23 percent and iBookstore (Apple) coming in third at nearly 13 percent.

36% of those surveyed say they pay no attention to who publisher a book and/or it doesnn’t matter to them.

33% pay some attention to who the publisher is.

4% say the publisher’s seal of approval matters to them.


95% of readers are “more likely” to buy a self-published book from an author which is known to them.

68% who are “less likely” to buy a self-published book from an author who is unknown to them.


53% of readers are somewhat swayed by reviews.

29% fall into the not very much or not at all categories.

18% say they are very much influenced by reviews.


35% have been introduced to new authors via free books more than 20 times.

21% have found new authors through free books more than 10 times

85% If they liked what they read in the free book, 85 percent were extremely likely to buy another book from that author.